Wednesday :: Jan 17, 2007

Bipartisan Senate Resolution Will Offer Policy Alternatives

by Steve

The Post runs its own story this morning about the bipartisan move by Hagel, Levin, and Biden to craft a congressional resolution in opposition to Bush's surge. Note that the Post says the resolution will have popular policy alternatives in it, answering Bush's complaint that his opponents haven't offered their own alternatives. It will be interesting to see how many GOP votes a Hagel-backed measure that offers an alternative to the surge will get, especially from those GOP senators up for reelection next year.

However, over in the House, the story notes that House Democrats like David Obey are against slapping a restriction on surge funding to the supplemental appropriations bill, because by the time the appropriation will be heard and acted upon by Congress next month, most of those troops will already be in Iraq. Really? That isn't what Robert Gates told Congress last week, when he said that the 21,500 troops would go over in stages between now and the summer, and would only go into Iraq if the al-Maliki government meet its obligations for committing its own troops and providing economic development funding.

So whats going on here? Are some House Democrats looking for excuses not to attach anti-surge language to the supplemental appropriation? And if you won't use the supplemental appropriation to make your stand, then when will you?

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