Wednesday :: Jan 17, 2007

Iraq Will Always Be A Horrifying Disaster, President Bush

by paradox

Yesterday at the entrance to Mustansiriya University in Baghdad 70 people, most of them female students waiting for a ride home, were blown up by two bombers, another 180 horribly wounded.

There will never, ever be a way to make what happened yesterday at Mustansiriya University better. A democracy won’t fix it, electricity can’t help, cheap gasoline will be useless. There’s no way to make it up to the Iraqis with some mystical promise of a better future, it can’t be done.

Iraq is always going to be known as the greatest US foreign policy disaster of all time—there will eventually come a moment of clarity for everyone who is watching this debacle when that truth with become irrevocably known, and mine was when news of this horrifying mayhem inflicted on so many young women arrived this morning.

I don’t know how to say I’m sorry to the parents of those girls. There aren’t any words that would work, and as an American I don’t deserve to stand before them and try.

All I can say is US participation in this insanity must end now (again). Withdraw all soldiers immediately to Kuwait, employ diplomacy everywhere, and hope for the best.

If Bush thinks he can put off that totally inevitable day for two years so that somehow, in some fantasy only a felon could entertain, this greatest debacle of US foreign policy can be pinned on his successor, well, someone please tell 9/11 man it’s never, ever happening. This war will always be Bush’s, even if he refuses to get us out of it. Always.

It will also always be known as a total horror and mayhem of death, crushing the lives of so many innocent people who had done nothing to us. There’s never going to be a way for America to change that, ever.

We might actually have to wait for two years to get our people home, but this insanity of Iraq is by now the worst act the US has ever done abroad, and there isn’t a way, will never be a way, for us to fix it. Bring all of our people to Kuwait and home now.

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