Thursday :: Jan 18, 2007

Left Coast: Juan Cole Visits UC Santa Cruz

by paradox

University of California Santa Cruz was graced with a lecture from Juan Cole last night, renowned Iraq/Middle East scholar and blogger. After giving a thorough historical background of main Iraqi political players and parties Mr. Cole, in no particular order, made these salient points:

  • The “surge” option recently chosen by President is doomed to complete failure; for a political and strategic tactic like this to work at least 300,000 troops would be required.
  • The constant mayhem being inflicted by suicide and car bombers are primarily Sunni-based attacks, directly attributable to a failed US occupation policy that totally excluded the Iraqi Sunni population from any political or economic future in post-Saddam Iraq.
  • The current Iraqi government is greatly influenced and hopes to get a great deal of help from Iran. Besides engaging in death squad activity in reprisal for Sunni attacks should the grand democracy of Iraq ever succeed as a stable government it will in fact be a proxy/ally of our stated utmost enemy, Iran. The entire rationale for this insane war makes no sense and aids our enemies greatly; only a loser of such refined skills found in George Bush could pull something like this off.
  • The hanging of Saddam Hussein was a greatly missed opportunity for reconciliation and only further inflamed Sunni resentments. Sunni resentments result in 70 girls getting blown up after class, so perhaps their concerns should be taken seriously, but the US staggers on in oblivious Shia allegiance.
  • 2006 will be remembered as the year Iraq Went To Hell. The destruction of the Shia golden dome shrine at Samarra was the moment the mayhem really started, and it may take at least a decade, as happened with the civil war in Lebanon, for peace to return. It seems extremely unlikely peace will ever return with US troops occupying Iraq, and the US has been fortunate Arab reaction to the occupation has been so mild. That mild acceptance of US troops in Arabia will not last.
  • End of US participation in the war will likely occur as a congressional cessation of funds, rather than a striking Executive action. This is how the Vietnam War essentially ended, with Ford signing the inevitable end presented by Congress.

That scenario makes sense, in a sad American way; one can easily see Bush avoiding any responsibility for failure and continuing the war for two years, while the next elected Executive somehow washes their hands of all of it while signing the Congressional cessation bill as soon as possible.

Ford was able to quietly do so with Vietnam because of his accidental caretaker status; he hadn’t started the nightmare and it was time to finally end it, so it was declared over in a greatly detrimental way to the country, for no Executive truly had to take responsibly for it and explain to the country why we lost the war in Vietnam.

That’s why the country didn’t learn enough from Vietnam and presently finds itself in an eerie replica of that failed occupation, a stupid reach of colonialism/imperialism geopolitics that is doomed to fail. Those most responsible for the war blamed the liberals and the hippies and anything but themselves and the failed policy, so the country is stupidly replaying Vietnam in the sands of the Middle East.

In any event, one day US participation in this horrifying mayhem of war crimes will end, the only solace in that here again is an opportunity for the country to learn that bellicose, unilateral warring foreign policy is a total flaming disaster that the country should correctly recognize as only being espoused by scary extremely dangerous freaks. Like Bush and Cheney, our current freak war felons. No, it would not be a good idea for the country to go through “pre-emptive war” again, not at all.

It’s simply incredible Bush thinks he can get away with political delaying tactics for two years while so many die, but the war felon seems determined to do it. If Congress won’t impeach him somehow the war will have to end in 2009, Jesus save us, by Congressional or Executive impetus, who the hell cars, just let it happen as soon as possible.

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