Friday :: Jan 19, 2007

"Straight Talk" Tanks

by Steve

I was going to post on this before I had to head out of town for several days earlier this week on business, but Josh has beaten me to it. Dick Bennett’s American Research Group has seen a serious drop-off in John McCain support, not just in New Hampshire but also in Nevada and Iowa. McCain is down 20 points in New Hampshire from where he was a year ago. There are several obvious reasons for this, aside from the fact that there are more candidates in the race now. The two largest reasons are that McCain is a Bush whore, and McCain’s support for escalation calls into question his sanity and judgment. Both of these, coupled with the distrust the American Taliban have for him, mean that despite how much Straight Talk has bamboozled the likes of Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, and the rest of the mindless corporate mouthpieces, he won’t win in 2008.

Iraq and Bush’s record have sunk the GOP’s chances of holding the White House in 2008, but NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC will do everything they can to parrot Fox and convince us otherwise. The GOP bench for 2008 is empty, led by four guys who support the surge and will go down the drain with Bush, leaving second-tier candidates who cannot get elected nationally. In this environment, any of the top 2-3 Democrats can win the presidency.

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