Monday :: Jan 22, 2007

No Surge is Good, End of the War Much Better

by paradox

The Democratic response opposing the insane escalation of the Iraq war has been very effective, with good rhetoric from Reid and Pelosi, plus excellent unity from the party. The polling numbers opposing the surge are extraordinary, with Post-ABC showing 65% of the public opposes sending more troops to Iraq.

There are probably some parliamentary maneuvers that will be undertaken (votes that starkly identify war supporters and destined to be vetoed) to stop the escalation that might even get supermajority status, but in the end the war would go on, there’s nothing in the current opposition leadership rhetoric that proclaims the war a failure and gets everyone out of Iraq now.

When that happens I’ll feel completely aligned with party leadership and feel the party is on the right track, and not before. I’m a very, very tough constituent to please, apparently, but I feel peace in Iraq is a necessary precondition to the pursuit of happiness, sorry. [According to polls approximately 50% of the public feels precisely this way]

I am not happy to constantly rail and upgrade my own party leadership, believe me. I’m very hard because the times demand it, screaming crisis looms on four fronts (Iraq, budget, climate change, energy dependence). To get out of this we need our leadership to be the best of their best and I’m not going to sit here mutely if they screw it up.

The United States has to get out of Iraq. Totally, immediately. Opposing the surge is all well and good, but I expect my party leadership to be calling for a total end to the war immediately, and until they do I feel they’re in a serious disconnect with their party constituency and their duty to the country.

I fully realize the extreme risks such a stance creates in our corporate propaganda media environment and political opponents who lie when their lips move and who find no tactic too scummy to smear their opponents with. These are the times and circumstances that have been thrust upon us all and excuses don’t work with reality if we don’t meet them by doing the right thing.

Leaving Iraq immediately is doing the right thing, period, there is no other valid policy alternative for this country or for our troops. After five years it is now morally impossible to justify sending one more American soldier to Iraq, it’s that simple. Bring them all home now.

I don’t expect my party leadership to call for no escalation. I expect them to do everything to possible to end this lying killing nightmare in Iraq now. Today.

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