Monday :: Jan 22, 2007

Senator Wyden (D-OR) Asks NSA to Investigate Censorship

by paradox

The National Security Agency has the power to stop publication (censor) of classified material under Section 6 of the National Security Act (the NSA says it does). Last Fall it even went so far as to state it had the power to censor unclassified material, preventing a former employee from publishing parts of an article simply because it contained information designated an absurd “For Official Use Only.”

The United States Government does not have the power to silence citizens just because it wants to, but once again the Bush Administration never met a part of the Bill of Rights it couldn’t happily flush down the toilet as long as it hid their criminal incompetence.

The former NSA employee is Diane Roark, and one of her Senators (Wyden from Oregon, a very good one, a Democrat I’m grateful for in Congress) is asking the NSA general counsel to investigate. Hopefully a little sunshine on the gestapo-wannabe tactics of our lovely 21st century Republicans will make them remember they’re Americans with a constitution, so Ms. Roark can then be a free American to publish her work. Senator Wyden’s letter can be found here. Thank you, Senator.

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