Wednesday :: Jan 24, 2007

Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

There are several things from ThinkProgress that you should check out this afternoon. First, see the evil from "Five Deferment" Dick Cheney in his interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

Second, see John McCain fall asleep last night during the SOTU, a ringing endorsement for his presidential campaign.

Third, check out what Chuck Hagel revealed to GQ about the administration’s first draft of the 2002 war resolution: they wanted a blank check to attack anywhere in the Middle East, not just Iraq. Which means that it never was about the UN resolutions after all.

Fox keeps digging itself a deeper hole with the “Obama from the madrassa” smear.

And before I forget this, a new poll shows that Iranians want the capacity to enrich uranium but accept oversight of their program to ensure compliance with the non-proliferation treaty. Iranians also reject Osama Bin Laden by large amounts, as well as terrorist attacks against innocent civilians.

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