Friday :: Jan 26, 2007

Robert Gates Plays The Treason Card

by Steve


I welcome the many alternative strategies and tactics proposed by members of Congress and others. More are coming, most notably from the Iraq Study Group, of which I was a member until November 8; led by former Congressman Lee Hamilton and former Secretary of State James Baker. Other reviews are ongoing within the Department of Defense and elsewhere in the government.

I am open to a wide range of ideas and proposals. If confirmed, I plan, urgently, to consult with our military leaders and combat commanders in the field, as well as with others in the executive branch and in Congress.
--Robert Gates' confirmation hearing testimony

Democrats are used to the thrill of being called treasonous by this administration, but I suspect John Warner and Chuck Hagel aren't amused at Robert Gates now that he has smeared them for emboldening the enemy in opposing the surge. Isn't it great to have a new fresh face and voice of reason at the Pentagon, a man who believes apparently that Congress is supposed to do whatever the Executive Branch says and not even speak out in opposition?

Note also that Gates now wants to accelerate the surge from the staged process he described to Congress earlier, which of course was dependent upon Iraq doing its part. They have just changed the game and lied to Congress once again. Then again, if you wanted to force a showdown with Iran, you would want those troops over there much quicker, wouldn't you?

To Gates, I guess that 70% of the American people are emboldening the enemy.

Look, this is part of a White House push back campaign, with Mitch McConnell aiming to water down the Senate resolution on the floor next week so badly that it says virtually nothing. I suspect that McConnell will go so far as to water it down beyond what John Warner, Lindsey Graham, George Voinovich, and Susan Collins want. McConnell seems willing to try and filibuster this next week to prevent any resolution from seeing the light of day if he doesn't get his way.

The questions are whether or not he can line up 39 GOP votes plus Lieberman against cloture and against a meaningful resolution, and what the blowback will be against those GOP incumbents in 2008 if they give the White House another blank check on Iraq?

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