Sunday :: Jan 28, 2007

Want Your Country Back Yet?

by paradox

"If Iran takes this step, it is going to confront universal international opposition," Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said on Friday. "If they think they can get away with 3,000 centrifuges without another Security Council resolution and additional international pressure, then they are very badly mistaken."

I am positive that down through the years many readers, if not most, instantly assumed that my positive declarative statements that our country was gone was merely inflated hyperbole, a semi-desperate stab of text to get attention or convey gravity. Surely that couldn’t be true: the highways still flowed with traffic, marbled steaks are at Safeway, mean self-superior voyeurism called American Idol was still all the rage on TV, citizens voted. Of course the country wasn’t gone.

Mere physical accoutrements like highway bridges, buildings and housing only make up the shell of a country, it’s completely empty without the minds and souls living in it. How they make the rules among themselves and distribute resources is our government, while the everyday experience of life, within the physical shell and the rules set up, is a country. A country isn’t an abstract entity, it’s an integral part of everyday life for every person living inside it on a daily basis.

The country I knew was blown up when the Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore in 2000, obliterating democratic voting and the rule of law at the same time. All the horror that followed since stems from that gross theft; I doubt very much Al Gore’s administration would have been so criminally incompetent as to allow 9/11 to happen, and even if it somehow did Al Gore never, ever would have gone on this utterly disastrous Iraq rampage.

Thousands of Muslims are rounded up and detained for no reason, Jose Padilla--an American citizen!--is held indefinitely and tortured, terrible war is started for lies, our finances are in Enron territory, the NSA illegally spies on citizens, Congress threw out habeas corpus, inequality rages ever more fiercely and yet people just whistle on, why look at that hyperbolic paradox at The Left Coaster, yammering on about a country lost, poor fool.

It is the height of criminal insanity to even think the United States could or should go to war with the nation of Iran over its alleged nuclear development program. It is so far from the realm of sane reality it’s amazing the statement needs to be said at all, yet for the sake of reality and history it will be rebutted in all possible terms and elements here:

The United States is currently bogged down in a disastrous nightmare in Iraq, now in its fifth ungodly year. Incredibly failure is still on the march in Afghanistan, victory there just another bloody lie. The reputation of the United States is in utter tatters with our credibility smashed to bits. We are in incredible debt to our necks, New Orleans is still an urgent disaster, climate change is approaching crisis status if it isn’t there already, our health care just kills us quicker, we have no industrial policy while the ranks of the poor and hungry grow larger every year.

How on earth is it ever possible that at this point in a careening nightmare of a country lost a citizen has to be subjected to the Undersecretary of State threatening the country of Iran over its nuclear program? It’s sickly amazing but starkly true, the sick felons who run our “government” really think they can attack the nation of Iran, just because they think they can.

It should go without saying the utter disaster of epic proportions war with Iran would entail. Regional war in the Middle East, permanent pariah status of the United States as a rogue killing criminal nation and oil as a reliable energy source obliterated are just three very immediate consequences to a country already in severe trouble. I have always held hope and faith that citizens of the United States have the ability to get their country back, but war with Iran very well could take it away from us forever. We’ll never be the Americans we could have been, ever, if we go to war with Iran.

If you still think this is all hyperbole, the country’s still here, take a long look at that opening quote from the Undersecretary of State again. Read Mr. Gardiner’s work and soccerdad’s post below. These people are really serious, the country is totally gone, they really do want to wreck the United States forever, and they’re getting ready to try.

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