Monday :: Jan 29, 2007

I don't recall saying "hush hush"

by dj moonbat

Well, it's becoming clearer why Fitzgerald didn't throw the book at Rove. He probably had a lot of evidence, but his reputation is that he doesn't like to go to jury without a sure thing. A sure thing like the one he seems to have after Ari Fleischer's testimony today. He and Libby had a lunch where Libby said some incautious things:

Fleischer, who was the chief White House spokesman for the first 2 1/2 years of President Bush's first term, said Monday that Libby invited him to lunch to discuss Fleischer's planned departure from the White House. He said it was the first time he and Libby had eaten lunch together.

They talked about Fleischer's career plans and their shared interest in the Miami Dolphins football team, Fleischer testified. He can't remember who brought it up but he said the conversation then turned to the growing controversy over former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who accused the White House of ignoring prewar intelligence on Iraq.

"Ambassador Wilson was sent by his wife," Fleischer recalled Libby saying. "His wife works for the CIA."

Fleischer said Libby also used the woman's name, Valerie Plame, and told him it was "hush hush."

"My sense is that Mr. Libby was telling me this was kind of newsy," Fleischer said.

No kidding?

Any of Libby's "don't recall" defenses are going to look very, very shaky when stacked against a witness who says the defendant used the term "hush hush." Unless Ari changes his story somewhat under cross-examination, Libby's defense team has their work cut out for them. It even looks bad in the bland MSNBC recounting, if you ask me.

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