Monday :: Jan 29, 2007

Bolton: Partitioned Iraq OK

by Steve

Several observations this morning about Iraq. I have seen few mainstream media pieces that have challenged the White House talking points about the consequences if we pulled out of Iraq too soon. Carolyn Lochhead of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a top-notch piece yesterday, which did exactly that. Give it a read.

I am glad to see that the Iraqi forces took the initiative and went after a large number of insurgents gathering for an attack against Shiite pilgrims over the weekend. According to press accounts in the Post and NYT, a large number of insurgents were killed by the Iraqi security forces, with the assistance of American air power, in what looks like a textbook operation. Bush is basing his hopes for the surge on this level of commitment from the Iraqis if the surge is to work. I wasn’t aware however that insurgents gathered in such large numbers in a date palm orchard waiting to be attacked, but good news is good news.

Lastly, newly liberated neocon John Bolton says America shouldn't care whether or not Iraq is partitioned, as long as it doesn’t become a haven or new beachhead for terrorists. This is a perfectly plausible position, and it should be noted that Rummy and some of the other neocons true believers were proponents of toppling Saddam and turning the country quickly over to acceptable Iraqis like Chalabi, while immediately drawing down our military commitment in the country. However, I don’t think this was what the imperialists like Cheney ever anticipated or wanted.

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