Monday :: Jan 29, 2007

What Our Goal Must Be: Limit the President's Ability to Do More Harm

by Mary

Josh Marshall has been on fire lately in his analysis of the disaster that is Bush and how our most pressing need right now is to stop him from doing more harm.

And for the United States as a country, right now, that means doing everything constitutionally, legally and politically possible to limit the president's and even more Vice President Cheney's free hand to shape and execute American foreign policy. Sift it all out and it's that simple. Stop them from doing any more damage.

Do you think our leaders in Washington realize what a dangerous situation our country is in? Because this crew is on autopilot and we will be at war with Iran within a couple of months unless the monster that brought us the disaster of Iraq is stopped. It's time to be melting the phone lines to Washington. So please do your part.

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