Tuesday :: Jan 30, 2007

Getting Real In The Middle East

by Steve

And while Bush looks for his next war in Iran, he'll be isolated from Europe, and he'll have no regional allies because they already blame him, not Iran for igniting sectarian tensions that threaten them all. Yet even with this powder keg in the center of the room, Joe Biden probably looks to his ranking member and wonders why in the hell a smart and moderate guy like Richard Lugar still thinks we need to spill the blood of our soldiers to grab and hold oil and intimidate Iran from permanent bases in Iraq with the alleged support of moderate Sunni states that themselves are threatened by our continuing presence in the region.

Four years after the United States invaded Iraq, in part to transform the Middle East, Iran is ascendant, many in the region view the Americans in retreat, and Arab countries, their own feelings of weakness accentuated, are awash in sharpening sectarian currents that many blame the United States for exacerbating.

Regardless of how people think of Iran, now is the time for mature and reasonable people to regain their footing on the world stage and move the energy from war towards hardheaded negotiations in this region. Iran doesn’t want a major outbreak of sectarian warfare in the region any more than its neighbors do, yet the United States has made it easier for Iran to support and maintain allies in the region in a defensive and strategic manner, much in the same way that China has used the Bush Administration’s stupidity against us worldwide these last six years.

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