Tuesday :: Jan 30, 2007

Bush Politicizes Regulatory Function

by Steve

Every American has good reason to be concerned about the Bush Administration's grab for total control over the regulatory function in the federal government. Anyone who has worked in state government has seen similar behavior from GOP governors in pleasing their campaign contributors at the expense of the general public.

It was a given that an imperial presidency such as this one, in bed with Corporate America against the public interest, would respond to the loss of Congress by totally politicizing and shutting down any and all regulations that harm industry even if public health and workplace safety are sacrificed. Bush and Cheney would easily sacrifice everyday Americans, much the way they easily sacrifice our soldiers, in order to please their true base and protect the bottom lines of Corporate America. We have already seen how Bush and Cheney sacrificed coal miners and families through their negligence and deliberate indifference towards mining safety and environmental protection.

But this is why we now have a Henry Waxman at the House Governmental Affairs Committee, so that he can drag both the White House and the corporate bastards to his committee hearings to expose such depravity in the sunlight of congressional oversight. And in the process, we can pin down and destroy the GOP incumbents in 2008 who support private gain over public interest.

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