Wednesday :: Jan 31, 2007

Please Support Senator Feingold to End the Iraq War

by paradox

After careful deliberation Senator Feingold announced yesterday plans to the end the Iraq war by Congressional withholding of funds. The precise mechanics of the evolution were not disclosed, nor was the susceptibility to presidential veto, but a hearing yesterday completely established Congressional authority to do so.

I’ve said in the past such Congressional maneuvers were ill-advised, for they might expose Democratic caucus weakness and leave the party horribly vulnerable to charges of stabbed in the back from Republicans with no morals or scruples.

The media will happily carry their water—these clowns have improved not a whit since the fraud of the war was exposed, and it hurts Democrats horribly.

The old guard from the old school says peace candidates always do terribly, for the opposition proclaims they’re real winners and the peaceniks losing girly-girls. If one thinks that’s farfetched political projection I simply invite you to look west.

I’m afraid I can no longer offer even the slightest bit of political analysis of what Democrats should do concerning the Iraq war, for I know the United States must leave immediately, with all of our forces, now. I don’t care what it means to the Democrats, even if they lose Congress and the Presidency in 2008, I want them working to get all of our people out of Iraq today.

After those 70 girls got killed waiting to go home from the University in Baghdad this month I simply don’t apply political considerations to what Democrats or the United States should do in Iraq, none of it fucking matters anymore. The only thing that matters is leaving Iraq with all our people now. Morally it becomes impossible to embrace any other position, even if it means Democrats lose Congress and the Presidency in 2008.

Personally I think it’s good politics to embrace Feingold’s measure, as Obama did yesterday, and if it means voting for him because he turns out to be the only one who did then I will. I’m not an Obama fan, he’s too inexperienced, but I will only consider voting for candidates that support Senator Feingold and ending the Iraq war now.

I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know who will do the right thing—as Mary so correctly said—and I don’t care what it means to Democrats. I want the war to end now, period, and I’m not listening to rationalizations of moral and political weakness.

I will follow and listen to those who do the right thing, no more. My only criticism of Feingold’s measure is that it gives Bush 180 days to get out of Iraq, when it should be 90. Other than that I’d like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Feingold for being such a fine human and American, and I call on all Democrats everywhere to support him and get us out of this horrible ungodly war now.

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