Wednesday :: Jan 31, 2007

Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

NYT photo of Bush getting hugs and kisses from his Wall Street buddies today

Bush went to Wall Street today and told his corporate check writers that they should be paid based on how much they make for their shareholders, which is just what they wanted to hear. Therefore, it follows that the more American workers you sack and jobs you offshore, the more the Bush Administration will endorse what you are doing. I doubt there was much if any talk at all about the roles and responsibilities of the corporation to their workers, their communities, or to their country.

Alberto now says the House and Senate intelligence and judicial committees can see the secret documents on Bush’s illegal domestic spying programs that he has been hiding from Congress all these months. But just as quickly, an administration official said this is a one-time deal only. It is likely that the administration did this to help itself in a pending federal lawsuit that it may lose.

Nancy Pelosi got the House to do what Denny Hastert refused to do: pass a budget today covering one-sixth of the government. And yet the whiny-assed Republicans complained they were excluded from a process they sandbagged until the day they turned the gavel over.

New testimony showed today that the Bush Administration has botched the training of Iraqi police and security forces, wasting millions of dollars in the process, with Iraq now having little or no police or judicial systems that are free of corruption. The common element was that the Bush Administration let its defense contractor cronies do whatever they wanted without any monitoring from the administration, treating the American taxpayer like an ATM.

In advance of Bush doing something stupid in Iran, the Feds are telling us that gas prices have likely bottomed out as OPEC readies to cut production.

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