Thursday :: Feb 1, 2007

McCain Should Look In The Mirror

by Steve


How dare he.

McCain gives every appearance today that he and other war supporters are now hunting for military scalps as scapegoats for their own misjudgment about the wisdom of this occupation. After being this war’s leading cheerleader in the Senate and chief enabler of this criminal commander in chief over these last several years, McCain had the gall today to question the fitness of General George Casey for the promotion to Army chief of staff. He and the rest of the Wise Men Who Were Wrong About Iraq seem set to pin the Iraq fiasco on the uniformed military leadership, which begs the question: if Casey is responsible for a mess you sponsored Senator McCain, aren’t you therefore unqualified to be commander in chief yourself? And at what point will you drag Donald Rumsfeld, who is still at the Pentagon shredding documents, and the rest of his neocon towel-snappers like Douglas Feith before your Senate Armed Services Committee to be given the same treatment you are subjecting a general to today?

Or are you only interested in the low hanging fruit Senator?

"I question seriously the judgment that was employed in your execution of your responsibilities in Iraq," he said. "And we have paid a very, very heavy price in American blood and treasure because of what is now agreed to by literally everyone as a failed policy."

What about your judgment Senator McCain? Even today, at a time when you are publicly arguing for significantly more troops for Baghdad, General Casey undercut both you and Bush by saying that less than half of the 17,500 troops called for by Bush are actually necessary to secure Baghdad, especially since the Mahdi Army is now cleverly going underground to wait until we leave, as would be expected. So make no mistake, some of this tunnel-visioned vitriol from McCain is personal. Casey doesn't bow down to worship at the Wise Man altar because he is on the ground in Iraq while McCain is simply playing Caesar back in the Beltway.

McCain is blaming Casey for his judgment in executing Bush’s flawed policy, and is blaming Casey, not Bush and Rumsfeld, for not sending the amount of troops McCain thought was necessary. He is blaming Casey for the deaths of our troops, not Bush. It’s all the military’s fault, not Bush.

Tell me Senator, please outline for this committee in detail the number of times you directly told the commander in chief that he was wrong, his policy was wrong, and argued with the president for more troops. And if you cannot do that Senator McCain, then you are equally negligent and responsible for those deaths and this flawed policy. Your pathetic attempts to blame everyone else except yourself for this fiasco put you in good company with the commander in chief you are still enabling.

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