Sunday :: Feb 4, 2007

Open Thread - Letting Bygones be Bygones Edition

by Mary

Duke Cunningham is in jail today for the bribes he took from defense contractors, including Brent Wilkes. Brent Wilkes' great moneymaking capability disappeared when the Cunningham's corruption connection was exposed. The latest news is that as Wilkes waits for an indictment in the corruption of Duke Cunningham, his remaining world is crumbling fast and includes the foreclosure on his fancy headquarters he bought in Poway, California and the divorce proceedings filed by his wife.

Sitting in his office in his empty corporate headquarters earlier this week, near shelves lined with pictures of his meetings with Vice President Dick Cheney, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other politicians, Wilkes was philosophical about his circumstances.

"You can't go through life blaming other people for what happens to you," he said, an apparent reference to the federal prosecutors who have spent nearly two years probing his role in the corruption case of former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

Not too long ago, Brent Wilkes was on top of the world. He led Group W Advisors which had its fingers into lots of ventures. Indeed the quantity of companies Wilkes' umbrella venture covered led to speculation that perhaps there a need for front companies which seem to do little but move money from one place to another. One of those companies with ties to Wilkes (World Finance Corporation) has been reportedly operating as a CIA front since the dirty wars in Central America.

Brent's been singing like a bird since the conviction of his pal, Cunningham. And when he goes down, who else will he take with him?

Your turn now.

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