Sunday :: Feb 4, 2007

US Soldiers Say Surge Won't Work

by Steve

The more John McCain talks about the surge and criticizes those who don’t accept his supreme wisdom, the more stupid he looks. First, he can’t explain why his resolution is superior to all others nor explain what teeth his resolution has in it for the Iraqi government. Then he says we’ll know in a few months whether or not the Iraqis are doing their part, yet he won’t say what the consequences should be if the Iraqis fail to do their part. This foolishness then leads to getting smacked around by Chuck Hagel for being disingenuous. It would help if all senators would read the piece today by McClatchy’s Tom Lasseter, who reports that none of our troops think the surge will work because the Iraqis aren’t committed to stopping the violence themselves; a sentiment confirmed by Bush’s latest NIE on Iraq and the surge plan’s authors themselves.

What should be noted today is that a respected diplomat brought in by the Arab League to negotiate some degree of political reconciliation amongst the parties in Iraq has resigned and thrown in the towel on any hope that the Iraqis will trust each other enough to come together anytime soon. He faults the Iraqis, but also the United States and Iraq’s Arab neighbors for not engaging in reality soon enough to stop this from happening. And this man met with everyone in Iraq, supports the ISG proposal as the only way out, but now thinks it is for naught.

Yet while the war’s naysayers are not happy with their vindication and instead remain deeply concerned about the catastrophe Bush has bequeathed the region and our nation, at least there are signs that the media is making up for its role in enabling the catastrophe by being more skeptical and wise in what Bush is readying to do again, this time in Iran. Both Tom Raum of the AP and Judy Miller’s former investigative partner at the NYT William Broad have pieces out today which point out that Bush is using the same script for Iran that he used for Iraq, but the worries about Iran’s nuclear capabilities are overblown. The question still remains as to what Congress should do in response for both Iraq and Iran. Pelosi signaled yesterday at the House Democratic retreat that they are ready to introduce legislation blocking Bush from going to war against Iran. But again, is that enough?

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