Tuesday :: Feb 6, 2007

Open Thread - Senate GOP War Criminals Edition

by Steve

Yes, almost the entire Senate GOP caucus voted Monday for Bush's surge, despite their rhetoric. Even Chuck Hagel and John Warner voted for the surge and against a nonbinding resolution they themselves had offered. As Kos notes, a lot of vulnerable GOP senators voted with the White House today. These sad shits voted to give Bush a blank check for the war Monday, no matter what they try and slither backward with Tuesday. They voted as if last November never existed.

OK fine, they have cast their lot with a president with a 28% approval rating. I don't want to hear anymore from John Warner, Chuck Hagel, Sam Brownback, Gordon Smith, John Sununu, or even Arlen Specter about their misgivings on the war. They had a chance Monday to put their feelings into action and instead they got on their knees once again for this White House. They have no honor or credibility any more, and we should browbeat the shit out of them the next two years. This is their war, and these are their war crimes.

It's your turn.

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