Tuesday :: Feb 6, 2007

More Provocations Aimed At Iran

by Steve

This has the makings of a match to kerosene.

Gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms seized an Iranian diplomat as he drove through central Baghdad, officials said Tuesday. Tehran condemned the abduction and blamed U.S. forces in Iraq.
One Iraqi government official also said the diplomat was detained Sunday by a special Iraqi army unit that reports directly to the U.S. military. But a military spokesman denied any U.S. troops or Iraqis that report to them were involved.

You’ll recall that the killings of five of our soldiers last month was initially blamed by our military on Iran, only to find out that it may in fact have been English-speaking personnel under the orders of two Iraqi generals who carried out the murders. And now this Iranian is snatched after it was revealed that the president has authorized aggressive actions against Iranians inside Iraq, up to and including murder.

The Iraqi troops were part of an army unit that receives direct orders from the U.S. military, the official said, declining to be identified because of the sensitivity of the information.

Either the Sunnis are looking to incite a reaction from Iran, or we are. Take your pick.

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