Wednesday :: Feb 7, 2007

Now Warner And Hagel Want A Second Chance

by Steve

First, Warner and the other GOP senators talked a tough game about the need to send a message of disapproval to the president over his surge.

Then, these same spineless weasels abandoned their principles and credibility and took orders from Mitch McConnell and the White House to support a filibuster if necessary to keep the Senate from debating anything that would cause Bush any trouble.

And now, when the Democrats hung that betrayal of the American people and their constituents around their necks yesterday by saying “it’s your war; good luck with the voters next year”, suddenly John Warner wants his surge resolution debated and passed this week in any manner possible. He, Chuck Hagel, and five other GOP senators claim they are mad at how the debate became partisan and have sent a letter to the leadership of each party wanting the debate each of them stopped dead in its tracks Monday.

You pathetic creeps threw away your principles and your honor to satisfy a man with a 72% disapproval rating on Iraq, and now you want Harry Reid to rescue you? Kiss my ass.

Funny, I don’t remember the media telling us about any of these seven resisting their leadership with long-winded, passionate speeches on the need to keep the partisanship out of the surge debate. In fact, these seven were only too willing to throw their rhetoric and conscience out the window Monday as soon as their president snapped his fingers.

So please Senators Warner and Hagel, go to hell and eat your vote Monday. You bastards should wait until hell freezes over before the Democrats give you a chance to save your political asses. The policy you threw your political futures away to defend is already deemed to be a failure by the Pentagon, so wear the collar your president has made for you. Harry Reid doesn’t owe any of you a second chance. And Chuck Schumer and the DSCC will be bagging your sorry asses next year.

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