Thursday :: Feb 8, 2007

Morning Update

by Steve


Four Marines were killed today in Anbar province. Note how quickly we have zoomed past the 3,000-fatality threshold, and now past 3,100. And this is before the major operation takes hold.

Our forces claim they killed 13 "insurgents" in a strike today, yet we managed to kill 45 noncombatants, including women, children, and seniors.

The surge campaign into Baghdad is fully underway, and to underline the difficulties we will face, a senior Health Ministry official and al-Sadr supporter was taken into custody today for arranging the killings of several ministry officials and the funneling millions of dollars of funds to al-Sadr’s militia.

Tim Russert has resumed his second day of cross examination from Scooter’s attorneys this morning, after he undercut Libby’s defense yesterday by saying he never talked with Scooter about Valerie Plame because at the time of the call he didn’t even know who she was. But Wells is making things uncomfortable for Timmeh today.

With direct talks between the United States and North Korea underway, note how quickly Pyongyang was willing to make progress. There’s a message in here about Iran, yet the Bush Administration seems hell-bent on forcing a confrontation, something that the Iranians said again today would cause us great harm.

The New York Times editorial board notes today that Paul Bremer acknowledged his Coalition Provisional Authority threw millions if not billions of dollars onto the streets of Baghdad with no oversight or accountability at all, and the best the GOP members of Congress can now say is that all of this is “old news”, even though the GOP congress didn’t pay any attention to this while they were in power. I wonder how the insurgency and the militias got all their funding? Bremer didn’t care about the money because it was Iraqi money, and not American.

Even though the administration has already admitted it had an offer from the Iranians back in 2003 for better relations and assistance in the fight against Al Qaeda, Condi once again said with a straight face that as the NSA at the time she knew nothing about this. How many times has Condi now said she was oblivious to what everyone else knew?

And in what may have been the biggest news yesterday, Wal-Mart and the SEIU joined forces yesterday with other businesses and unions to push for universal health care by 2012. That’s right; you read that correctly.

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