Saturday :: Feb 10, 2007

Experts Agree that Congress Can Stop Bush From Extending War Into Iran

by Mary

John Dean's latest column summarizes the testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Russ Feingold. Dean notes that one of the most promising results of this session was the strong endorsement by both Republicans and Democrats that Congress has the power to stop Bush's war plans.

What is especially significant, in my eyes, is that the conclusion that Congress does indeed have power to significantly restrict the Administration in its plans for war, transcends politics: Even experts who have worked for Republican administrations have come to this conclusion.

One wonders if Bush's uber-President, VP Dick Cheney, will agree with that claim. After all, he believes he's been bestowed the power of both the Legislative and Executive branches so he and he alone has no controlling authority and I suspect he believes that even if the President is stopped, he can carry on with his goal to attack Iran. One hopes that the Libby trial leads to the impeachment of this monster. Bush might be the most hated man on earth (or at least in Islamic countries), but in my mind, Cheney is the one who is the most dangerous and deserves this honorific even more.

Update: Major Danby of dKos believes that Cheney's theory of the all powerful VP not only makes impeachment viable but a requirement. It's time to rein this administration in.

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