Saturday :: Feb 10, 2007

Mind Your Own Business Howard

by Steve

I must admit that I like Team Obama’s ability to counterpunch. Late today, it was Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s turn to walk into a punch, after he smeared Obama for being Al Qaeda’s preferred candidate:

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, traveling with the senator in Iowa, said that Howard's words were misguided.
"The United States has sacrificed more than 3,000 brave young men and women and $400 billion, only to find ourselves mired in the middle of a sectarian civil war," he said. "Even Republicans ... know that more of the same is only going to attract more terrorists to Iraq and make our country less safe."
Gibbs went on to say that Howard wasn't in a position to be overly critical.
"If Prime Minister Howard truly believes what he says, perhaps his country should find its way to contribute more than just 1,400 troops so some American troops can come home," he said. "It's easy to talk tough when it's not your country or your troops making the sacrifices."

Nice work guys, against an imbecile who has no business sticking his nose into another country's politics.

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