Sunday :: Feb 11, 2007

Catapulting the Propaganda

by Mary

Laura Rozen noted that in the continuing story about how Iran is supposedly providing weapons to Iraq every attempt was made to make sure there could be no independent verification of the "evidence."

The officials said they would speak only on the condition of anonymity so the trio's explosives expert and analyst, who would normally not speak to reporters, could provide more information. The analyst's exact job description was not revealed to reporters. Reporters' cell phones were taken before the briefing, and the officials did not allow reporters to record or videotape the proceedings.

One obvious question is why the "trio" of officials all needed to remain anonymous when it seems only the analyst needed to be anonymous for security reasons.

And for some reason, this story reminds me of a particular Judy Miller story when she reported that she was unable to question an Iraqi scientist although she did report about what he was supposed to be telling the military about chemical weapons. A story that later was proven to be false.

Can we stop with the unquestioning acceptance of the Bush propaganda yet? It would be nice if these articles about the "Iran" connection would make the obvious point that the Iranians would not be supplying the Sunnis and al Qaeda with weapons so it must be some of our other pals, the Shiites that are getting these weapons. And do the Shiites need Iranian help to get weapons? After all, we are doing a nice job providing them the training and the equipment to "secure" Baghdad as well.

Bush's surge has created a more deadly Iraq just as he promised it would, but how much of that is due to the tactic of having US troops lead the clearing of Baghdad neighborhoods and how much is due to the Saudi's promise to help their Sunni brothers who were being slaughtered by the Shiite militia? Just who is supplying the insurgents stingers?

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