Monday :: Feb 12, 2007

More on Iran's role in Iraq

by soccerdad

Patrick Cockburn has a good article in the Independent today. He describes how little techmology is involved in making the "explosively formed penetrators" (EFPs) and points out that similar weapons were used in the Irish war of Independence in 1919 as well as in WWII. He notes that the same administration who accused Iraq of having the technology to develop nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is now insisting that they are unable to develop weapons from the early 1900's without Iranian help.
His summary:

The evidence against Iran is even more insubstantial than the faked or mistaken evidence for Iraqi WMDs disseminated by the US and Britain in 2002 and 2003. The allegations appear to be full of exaggerations. Few Abrams tanks have been destroyed. It implies the Shias have been at war with the US while in fact they are controlled by parties which make up the Iraqi government.

Another excellent article is from Chris Floyd who takes down the NYT and Gordon for Sat's article.

In "Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, U.S. Says," Gordon breathlessly retails the "broad agreement among American intelligence agencies" that "the most lethal weapon directed against American troops in Iraq is an explosive-packed cylinder that United States intelligence asserts is being supplied by Iran."

Indeed, that last phrase is the entirety of his first paragraph: a bold and absolutely unqualified assertion, without even the fig leaf that usually adorns the pipelining of White House propaganda by the corporate press, the homely tag, "officials say." (Although the headline writer, perhaps a bit abashed by the way Gordon -- and the editors who approved the story -- have so quickly and cravenly reverted to their pre-war stance of servility, does append the tag.

He points out that the aim of the press is to conflate the insurgency with Iran in people's mind, i.e. Insurgency = American deaths = Iran's fault. The logic of the assertions leads us to

an extraordinary claim by the Bush Administration: that their own allies have turned against them and are now killing American soldiers with sophisticated weapons.

This is what the Bushists are tacitly admitting when they claim that the Shiite militias are fragging their ostensible American allies with Iranian weapons. They are saying that even the factions "liberated" and empowered by the American invasion are now attacking and killing U.S. soldiers, with even more virulence than the Sunni insurgents. They are saying that Bush is now "surging" more soldiers into a situation where every single armed faction in the Iraqi conflict is targeting and killing Americans, including those factions armed and funded by the Americans themselves.

No doubt Iran has all manner of skullduggery on the boil in Iraq -- as do Israel and Turkey and Russia and Saudi Arabia and Syria and god only knows who else. That's the way these shadowland games are played among the moral cretins who shimmy up the greasy pole of power in almost every country. "Dirty war" has long been the name of the game -- and no one surpasses the sterling record of America and Britain in this regard.

In the middle of a featured article in Newsweek is the claim that the people at Newsweek have heard that a third carrier group will shortly be on its way to the Middle East. This would certainly be a clear sign of impending attack. I think the following scenario is all too possible. The US will attack Iran before the end of April, most likely using "bunker buster" nukes. They will also destroy much of Iran's infrastructure like they have in parts of Iraq and as the Israelis have in Lebanon. Violence will spike in Iraq which will engender a much increased response by the US airforce against everyone but the Kurds. Iranian agents/proxies will execute terrorist attacks against US entities including here in the US. Bush at this point will have won as the press will whip the sheep into a war frenzy leading possibly to a draft. The neocon's war of civilizations will then be in full view the cost of which will destroy our way of life. America has become nothing more than a murderous bully, willing to kill millions for its economic gain.

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