Tuesday :: Feb 13, 2007

"24" Encouraging Torture Among The Military

by Steve

My exposure to the series "24" has only been about six months, as up until then I had avoided the show because of the hyper-drama it peddled. When I finally watched back episodes to get a sense of the show and try and get caught up on the storyline, I thought it was well made but obviously a piece of right wing propaganda from an obvious source that trafficked in the "all terror, all the time" meme in both its "news" and now entertainment divisions. Still, I planned to watch this season because it was escapist entertainment and because I greatly respect Kiefer Sutherland personally.

After watching the first several episodes and the over-the-top nuking of LA and abundant torture, I've had enough. I am not surprised to find that a self-avowed right wing nut is behind the show, or that the military itself is now concerned about how the show encourages torture.

Those on the right who still whine about the liberals supposedly controlling the entertainment industry, even after Disney gave a right wing nutjob $40 million for a 9/11 propaganda movie in prime time, and after Fox has been running "24" all these years should get their heads out of their asses. When I see a TV show that airs every week accusing a fictional GOP administration of stoking the fears of Americans for political advantage, or a TV network give $40 million to Michael Moore to put together a TV movie accusing the Bush Administration of complicity in 9/11, then let's talk about liberal bias. And even then, it will be a short conversation.

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