Wednesday :: Feb 14, 2007

Open Thread - No Clean Break Edition

by Mary

Digby points to Craig Unger's latest piece in Vanity Fair which talks about how the same neocons that brought us Iraq are still hot to trot for taking out Iran. Based on a position paper called The Clean Break, the neocons theorized that they could create a middle east friendly to the US by force. As tristero says, Unger's piece is a most frightening piece because the guys who came up with this theory are totally nuts and they still have the ear of this White House. Via TLC reader CS, we see that US Intelligence was trying to tell the true believers in the White House how flawed this report was even before we attacked Iraq. By August 2003, the reality of the on the ground that showed how delusional the belief was began to sink into those trying to implement the neocon vision.

And the Pentagon is moving to lower expectations for a shift to democracy, suggesting that a liberal democracy is an ideal worth fighting for, but acknowledging the difficulty of creating one.

"The question isn't whether it is feasible, but is it worth a try," Lieutenant Colonel James Cassella, a Pentagon spokesman, said yesterday.

Read that again: "It was worth a try." So here we are four long years into this crazy war and they are still looking to spread their fantasy to Iran. Read it and weep.

Your turn now.

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