Thursday :: Feb 15, 2007

Hiding Behind The Uniforms

by Steve

Reuters photo of Bush at cheerleading camp today

Nancy slaps at him on Iran. Harry readies the Senate for work this weekend on the House resolution. Biden says he would support rescinding the 2001 AUMF. And Bush's new attack line on Iraq today sounds like the Decider is hiding behind the combat uniform he avoided wearing himself:

“This may become the first time in the history of the United States Congress that it has voted to send a new commander into battle and then voted to oppose his plan that is necessary to succeed in that battle.”

Since Bush avoided Vietnam by hiding under a barstool in Alabama, I guess we shouldn’t expect him to remember another commander who was sent into the theater and then saw Congress not support his “plan.” In both cases, Mr. Bush confuses support for the commanders on the ground with disapproval of the commander in chief that sends them there.

Mr. President, it’s a little too late for you to hide behind your commanders, when you have decided to ignore the previous ones and then made this decision on your own against the advice of those commanders. If Bush really wants to play that game, then why is he surging to the tune of 21,500 combat troops against the advice of recently approved Army Chief of Staff and formerly congressionally approved commander General George Casey?

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