Friday :: Feb 16, 2007

More Than Half Of Public Would Defund The Surge

by Steve

As the House debates a simply-worded nonbinding resolution on Bush's surge this morning, consider this: a Fox News poll done through Wednesday of this week of registered voters with an acceptable MOE of +/- 3% finds that 54% of those polled say that if they were in Congress they would vote to cut off funds for the surge.

And these numbers may in fact be a low-ball gauge of the public's true feelings on the surge. Why? Because this poll had an abnormally large number of Republican respondents in its sample (36%) compared to Democratic respondents (37%), and had only 19% self-identified independents in the sample. Given that other pollsters including Gallup have found GOP self-identification falling into the mid to high 20's over the last year while independent self-identification has grown to near 40%, this means that this poll's finding that 54% of the public would support cutting off funds for the surge is actually an undercounting of the public's true feelings.

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