Friday :: Feb 16, 2007

Only 2 Dems Voted With Bush Today

by Steve

It is a sign of success for Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi that only two House Democrats voted with Bush today in favor of the surge: Georgia’s Jim Marshall and Gene Taylor of Mississippi. Just yesterday, the DCCC announced that they are making Marshall’s reelection in 2008 a top priority.

Don't get too worked up about these two votes. Both Taylor and Marshall are Blue Dog Democrats. Taylor claims he is a strong supporter of the troops and Jack Murtha, but is known as perhaps the most conservative Democrat in the House. At least Marshall knows what war is all about: he is a decorated Army Ranger in the Vietnam war, and his vote today is perhaps protecting him for a run against Saxby Chambliss next year. And Marshall has been good on labor and economic issues.

It is a testament to Hoyer and Pelosi's good work that they only lost two votes today. Pelosi's margin in the House allows her to release members of her caucus on key votes so that they can maintain their viability for bigger races in the future.

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