Saturday :: Feb 17, 2007

Are the Saudis funding the Sunnis?

by soccerdad

Cenk Uygur asks Whos funding the Sunnis?

The Bush administration claims that they care so much about protecting our troops in Iraq that they are going to go after Iran, who is at most responsible for 8% of US fatalities. Then, why not go after the people funding the Sunnis instead? After all, they are the ones doing the great majority of attacks against our beloved troops.

The answer appears to citizens of Saudi Arabia. Frankly this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Yet, we have heard virtually nothing about the role that Saudi citizens may have in aiding the Sunni insurgency from either the administration or the news organizations. On the other hand, the Iranian threat is hyped by Bush and media despite the fact that the government we are supposedly working with is, at least, Iran friendly. This just reinforces the idea that Bush is simply determined to attack Iran.
This also brings up the question of exactly what is the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. There has always been an important business relationship whereby the Saudis sell us oil and we provide security for the rulers. However, such ties are not nearly as important as the cultural, religious ties between the Sunnis of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It has always been in the best interest of the Saudi rulers to have a secular Iraq between them and the Shiites of Iran. This was why the US helped Saddam in his war against Iran.
It would appear that the Saudis may be starting to hedge their bets and cultivate more friends. The recent visit by Putin emphasizes this. As a result of this visit, the possibility of the Saudis and Russians could cooperate on a nuclear program. Link
Analysts said the plan by Sunni bastion Saudi Arabia is a warning shot to Shi'ite Iran that it could enter the regional arms race and start developing nuclear capability.

But wouldn’t the threat of such cooperation be a shot across the bow of the US. In essence, if you can’t control Iraq, your influence will decrease because there are other people we can talk to.
And isn’t it crazy that the US backs a government whose main members are Iran friendly? Unless of course they intend to turn on them.

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