Monday :: Feb 19, 2007

George W Bush Is No George Washington

by Mary

George W Bush has been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to prove he is a "great" president. He's compared his trials to those of Roosevelt, Churchill, Truman and Lincoln. Well, today, he compares himself to George Washington as he says that his terror wars are the equivalent of the Revolutionary War.

"On the field of battle, Washington's forces were facing a mighty empire, and the odds against them were overwhelming. The ragged Continental Army lost more battles than it won, suffered waves of desertions, and stood on the brink of disaster many times. Yet George Washington's calm hand and determination kept the cause of independence and the principles of our Declaration alive," Bush said on a clear but frigid day, speaking to several hundred people.

..."In the end, General Washington understood that the Revolutionary War was a test of wills, and his will was unbreakable," said Bush. "After winning the war, Washington did what victorious leaders rarely did at the time. He voluntarily gave up power."

Washington's retirement didn't last long, Bush noted.

"As president, George Washington understood that his decisions would shape the future of our young nation and set precedent. He formed the first Cabinet, appointed the first judges, and issued the first veto."

"Over the centuries, America has succeeded because we have always tried to maintain the decency and the honor of our first president," Bush said.

So let's look at the decency and honor of our first president and see whether this current occupant is even fit to tie his shoes.

Saturday, NPR had a piece about how George Washington was remarkable in how he treated prisoners of war. It seems that instead of letting British brutality towards American troops dictate the way he acted, Washington thought that brutality towards prisoners in his control was wrong and he ordered his troops to treat prisoners with real human dignity. Tell me, does that sound like our Shrub?

Washington also believed that lying was wrong. I wonder what he would have thought about the character of a man who not only lies to enrich his corrupt cronies, but also uses fraudulent methods to take the country into an unnecessary war. All because Bush believes he has a destiny with greatness.

Bush has a serious problem with reality. And his ego has no bounds. No wonder everyone is beginning to agree that Bush is the worst president ever. You know it's bad when Scaife starts to pine for Bill Clinton.

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