Wednesday :: Feb 21, 2007

Good News for Bush: The WOT is a failure

by soccerdad

Robert Parry’s columns are always worth the read. His most recent, Bush is losing the War on Terror , is another good one. He begins

Bush has become the ugly face of America, mouthing pretty words about freedom and democracy while threatening other nations and bludgeoning those who get in his way. Perhaps even worse, Bush has shown himself to be an incompetent commander, especially for a conflict as complicated and nuanced as this one.

He discuss in some detail the recent NYT article, Terror Officials See Al Qaeda Chiefs Regaining Power , which documents how al Qaeda is making a comeback. He also documents the deterioration of Iraq. He attributes many of the problems to Bush’s arrogance, insistence on unilateral action, and a failure to try diplomacy. So, in essence, he seems to believe that Bush is completely incompetent, dangerous, and should be impeached.
This is the conventional wisdom and he certainly supports his argument. However, I would like to take a stab at an alternative explanation. I will try to support the claim that there is no war on terror and, in fact, the increase in terrorist activity recently reported was completely predictable and works in favor of Bush and the neocon agenda

That Bush never took the War on Terror seriously is obvious from his invasion of Iraq. Clearly there was no evidence tying Iraq to terrorism and the invasion of Iraq took resources away from Afghanistan which did support terrorist activities. In addition, Bush failed to address in any way the activities in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Almost every policy and action of the Bush administration would be expected to increase terrorism by providing every terrorist organization an infinite supply of recruiting material. I have documented here many times that the execution of the Iraqi war was done in such a way that would promote hatred. There have been a few attempts at winning hearts and minds but they pale besides the cluster munitions, the collective punishment, the destruction of infrastructure, torture, etc etc. It’s also obvious that Bush has purposely chosen not to engage in diplomacy, even when Iran made its overtures in 2003. And then we have Bush approval of Israel’s attempted destruction of Lebanon, despite the previous support of the Cedar revolution. Not only did the Bush administration refuse to recognize the elected government in Palestine because of Hamas, but then has helped to fund the violence between the factions in Palestine and has dismissed the attempts of the Saudis to broker a deal.

The neocons have been working since the 90’s to get the US to “remake” the Middle East. Cheney and Bush want the oil and the geopolitical power that is attained by controlling such an important resource. The attack on 9/11 put in place the necessary building blocks upon which Bush could construct his “Narrative”. This narrative was really just the same old American Exceptionalism that has been used to support previous wars and interventions. From his purposeful, in my opinion, use of the word crusade, to today they have been trying to cast this as a war of civilizations. Demonizing the enemy is standard fare, and this administration and its legions of supporters, talking heads, and psuedoexperts have done a masterful job of accomplishing this part of the strategy. The other crucial aspect of this narrative has been casting America as the “City on Hill”, the leader of the world, trying to spread its superior characteristics to an undeserving and, as claimed more recently, unappreciative backwards part of the world.

So we can chose to believe that the Bush administration is the most incompetent bunch of morons ever to run the US government. The alternative is to take the neocons and their writings at the PNAC, from which many members of this administration came, at face value. Thus, the destruction of the Middle East is, indeed, their plan. They must know that the people of the Middle East are not just going to turn over their resources to the US. The war of civilizations is, in fact, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The actions of this administration are promoting such a clash by spreading death and destruction.

It is just a matter of time before another terrorist strike happens here in the US and in Europe. Note that the Bush administration has done practically nothing about keeping US citizens safe. Of course Bush and Cheney don’t live next to refineries, nuke plants, chemical factories etc. Listen up what did their response to Katrina show you? There is a pattern here. It’s not an accident. Now, another terrorist strike will allow them to really be able to sell the American narrative. An important part of this narrative is that since America is the greatest, most moral country in the world, then any action taken against it is, of course, completely undeserved and not a result of any of its actions. So having done everything they could to promote terrorism by striving to avoid peace, a further attack will bring about the culmination of their plan. An attack would be followed by further demonization of our enemies, a mobilization of Americans for all out war.

I think its time to drop the whole incompetence line of argument. What is does it legitimize what is, in fact, an immoral genocide of a people for their resources. By saying it’s incompetent means that if we had just destroyed them in a more efficient manner it would be ok. It also promotes the whole charade that we were bringing them a better way of life, freedom and democracy. This was all just part of the narrative to get us to go along. After all we do want to believe we live in a great country. But its time to face the hard realties that our elitist leaders are just dumping a load of nice sounding crap on us, while not caring what the consequences are for us. I know it’s hard to believe that we are led by pure evil, but that’s the way it is.

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