Thursday :: Feb 22, 2007

GOP Wants Iraq Off The Table In 2008

by Steve

Confirming my earlier post that the Democrats can put the GOP in a terrible spot by endorsing the Sestak plan and by demanding the return of all Guard units from Iraq, take note of this nugget from Taegan Goddard and the Evans-Novak Political Report:

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report: "The principal issue in Washington is the Democratic effort to stop the surge of troops in Iraq, The non-binding resolution is only a sideshow. The coming battle over funding promises to be an epic struggle with constitutional implications."

"Whatever happens on the congressional scene, there is a strong feeling inside the Bush Administration that the Iraq issue must be decided one way or another long before the end of the year. Republicans are determined not to go into the 2008 election year with blood being spilled in Iraq."

Congressional Republicans don't want Iraq hanging as an albatross around their necks heading into 2008. And they certainly don't want to oppose a Democratic resolution that 1) redirects troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to fight a real war on terror against Al Qaeda; 2) does something that over 60 percent of the country want by getting out in 2008; and 3) brings the Guard back home to the same communities that will be voting for those same Republicans.

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