Saturday :: Feb 24, 2007

Al Gore Academy Award Could Come Tomorrow

by paradox

“An Inconvenient Truth” has been labeled the “odds-on” favorite for Best Documentary tomorrow night, whatever that means, but the fact remains if Al wins an Oscar it’s better than being the wife of Bill Clinton. It’s better than graduating magna cum laude from Harvard law. As with everything in the potential 2008 Democratic presidential field, Al is always the best.

He’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year too. My my, an Oscar and Nobel in one year, I don’t know about you, but empirical awards for real accomplishment in public service mean a hell of a lot more than “charisma,” whatever that means. Yeah, the most charismatic is the odds-on favorite to win, we believe you. Chintzy Senate terms that Al marked up over 20 years ago seem to pass as acceptable accomplishments for presidential qualifications to some, but Americans have always valued real experience.

Al Gore is not the winner of the popular, but not the electoral, vote of Election 2000. He and all the rest of the country are victims to the disastrous theft of Election 2000, and only a desperately grasping corporate propaganda machine has ever kept this fact from being widely accepted and known in the United States. Anyone with the most cursory knowledge of the law and precedence instantly recognizes Bush vs Gore for the gross asinine theft it is, and the country still bleeds profusely from that wound this very second.

Perhaps that is my the man is almost in a mythical place in my mind, a harrowing greatness and story of great injustice, but most of all a chance of redemption, a path to set things right after so much has been lost.

Of course Al makes mistakes, most of all trusting his media advisors for Election 2000 in a game horribly rigged against him; I thought his sincerity and forthrightness had been badly diluted by the campaign. He also chose that foul bowel movement of a politician, Lieberman, to represent us, which was pretty bad, no other way to say it. It was still good enough to win, by the way.

I will be watching closely tomorrow, for once (I find the Oscars pretty banal) hoping to see Al get another notch of great recognition as by far our best candidate for 2008. Hopefully it will start an upward wave of public opinion—Al still doesn’t poll very well, our little media whores were quite effective. But the internet is here for Election 2008, and they don’t have a hope in hell in stopping him if he runs this time.

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