Saturday :: Feb 24, 2007

More about mistreating the cannon fodder.

by soccerdad

The Bush administration continues to treat the soldiers like cannon fodder, disposable units to be left on their own without the help they need. From the Army Times.

The Army is deliberately shortchanging troops on their disability retirement ratings to hold down costs, according to veterans’ advocates, lawyers and services members, and the Inspector General has identified 87 problems in the system that need fixing.

In 2001 642 soldiers were granted permanent disability. In 2005, in the middle of the clusterf**k known as Iraq, the number dropped to 209; a reduction of about 2/3!! This is in spite of the fact that the number of injured and wounded was about 15,000. Apparently the system is extremely complicated, unnecessarily so according to a Rand study. The soldiers are given an informal review which underestimates the disability and to get to the formal review requires much effort and frustration. It certainly looks intentional, i.e. make the system so complicated that they will take the low evaluation. They count on the soldiers to do as they are told, as they have been trained to do.
The treatment of the veterans by the Bush administration is the ultimate hypocrisy. They don’t care about those who, in good faith, carry out their policies. It proves that all their rhetoric are lies. The war is not about American ideals, it’s about making the elite richer. But what else is new.

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