Sunday :: Feb 25, 2007

Early Days Are Over

by paradox

The next time one feels like rationalizing, making an excuse, or denying Democratic party failure with the glib “it’s early days yet” they should instantly stop: it’s February 25th, precisely 56 days into the new year and 49 days into the new Congress. There is nothing new about Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats taking over, they’ve settled in, and whatever learning curve they had to allegedly learn has been comprehended.

I wish Democrats as well as anyone the very best, but dishonest fantasies with cult allegiance to leadership are what we accuse the opposition relentlessly of, and this rationalization of “early days yet” is irritating and should cease. If Democrats fail it’s because they failed, not because of “early days” inexperience.

Democratic leadership barely earns a C for the start of this term, and the only reason it’s not a D- is the performance of Nancy Pelosi, who marked in at a solid B+. Pelosi got a predictable hurricane of filthy media abuse weeks before she started and her home paper Hearst rag San Francisco Chronicle still delights in publishing terrible pictures of her, but she has masterfully molded a competent leadership style that the public instantly gets. Getting past the corporate propaganda filter called journalism is possible in the United States, and Democrats should be vastly grateful for the media competence of Speaker Pelosi.

Senate leadership is utter tatters, with the caucus unable even to strategize about Iraq because they’re afraid of speaking before Joe Lieberman, who also crippled Senate Katrina investigations. Simply throw Lieberman out (new rules stop Democrats from losing the majority, get rid of him) in an act of real political bravery and astuteness, or stay crippled and have Jane Hamsher’s accurate description of Harry Reid as a pussy resonate with the base of the party for two more years. That’s the reality of our Senate leadership today.

I like Harry, even though we lost habeas corpus on his watch. Unfortunately it never seems to sink into our leadership that extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures—yeah it’s incredibly unfair life handed you the worst most dangerous president of all time, deal, leadership, and get on with stopping him.

Stop Bush. So simple, so necessary, so easy to give Democrats a D- when they come up with whatever rationalization in any given week as to why they can’t do it. I’m not angry at them, I want them to do well, I’m positive they can. They still earned a D-.

When Democrats took over Congress they irrevocably cemented an expectation for change. Iraq still grinds on, Bush still psychotically flaps his lips about Iran, Cheney blathers contradictory babble about quagmire, the deficit, New Orleans, global warming and poverty all rage on in festering sores of incompetence. The public wants change and isn’t seeing it. Rationalizations and excuses mean nothing to them, and the grades won’t get better until in fact change happens.

I’m quite positive it will and very optimistic Democrats can do much better, there’s certainly ample opportunity for it. Yglesias may be accurate or not that Democrats are playing patient kabuki with war funding (they’re not, and even if they were such a tactic is grossly immoral), but the real bills with the real votes for ungodly incredibly hundreds of billions of dollars for nothing but a war crime that could sink the country are still on the calendar.

There’s still a chance to prove to the American public Democrats are different, Democrats see the vast dangers and did everything they could to stop it. Americans don’t expect them to accomplish everything, but they have to see a real effort. There isn’t an American alive who thought a non-binding resolution on escalation was a real effort, Jesus save us.

Just in the news again today are extremely credible reports the United States is on a hair trigger to attack Iran. Reid and Pelosi have articulated nothing in the form of Democratic response or opposition to this and it’s unforgivable.

There’s still a chance to pass a Congressional resolution (here is where non-binding is appropriate, it’s supposed to be a threat only) stating if Bush attacks Iran he and Cheney will be impeached the next week. No ifs, ands or buts, simple instant impeachment, along with total cessation of all funding for any American war effort, anywhere. Democrats do not tolerate dangerous psychotic freaks as Presidents, they do not, and it is unconscionable that the instant impeachment message for possibly attacking Iran has not been made and widely known.

That’s the only kind of leadership that earns respect and elections, and until the Democrats actually do it they’ll continue to fail in their duty. The start for this Democratic Congress is past us and there has been very little empirical change, fooling ourselves is futile and extremely dangerous. Real change is the measure of Democratic performance, not what we want it to be, and if it wasn’t for Pelosi the start for Democrats this year would be at D-.

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