Sunday :: Feb 25, 2007

Dick Cheney Could be Tossed if Libby is Guilty

by paradox

Well, yeah, and George Bush could start speaking the truth when his lips move, but there are startling comments in Blogtopia, linking to credible legal sources, that do indeed stipulate that a Libby perjury conviction is relevant to prosecuting Cheney for crimes. I had no idea a Libby conviction could lead to this, but it’s really there, Dick Cheney could be in real trouble.

The guy polls in the teens, he constantly appears on television with delusional statements, he just threatened Iran again, he childishly stated the British pulling out was progress, his lesbian daughter offends the authoritarian fake moralists in his party, and last year he even shot a guy in the face and said it was the victim’s fault.

In any other time or administration Cheney would have been long gone—everyone knows what would have happened to Al Gore if his chief of staff had been indicted in 1998, he would have been mercilessly hounded out of office even if he had done nothing, and in this case there is ample evidence that Cheney did in fact do a great deal wrong.

The earth is round, Democrats respond, of course this felon is a total disaster who has repeatedly broken the law, right through the California electricity theft in 2000 to lying to start the Iraq war. If justice, reason and truth ever meant anything in this world of course Cheney should have resigned years ago, and of course our whoring media class has completely shielded yet another Bush administration felon, and of course Darth Cheney is seen as the untouchable evil glue that holds the heinous forces of Bush reactionaries together.

Yes, but stranger things have happened. Another extremely interesting notch to add to the detrimental cascade above is Cheney’s unique and extremely debilitating status as a non-successor vice president; it ensures a very nasty primary fight for his party before they even have to think of taking on the Democratic nominee. Bush could toss him to legitimately solve the successor issue.

Humans also, regrettably, love to find scapegoats. If Libby is guilty, Cheney is about to be indicted and bring down the whole party, why, one could easily see Cheney being forced to take the fall and resign in disgrace.

Be prepared for the unexpected on the Republican side in the next ten months. The forces being applied to the party are terrific, and already John McCain is babbling incoherently. Right now the only thing the GOP can do for 2008 is serve good food on the campaign plane, that’s it, and for a party with so much resources and expectations facing so much failure something is going to give.

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