Monday :: Feb 26, 2007

Open Thread - Celebrating Al Gore's Win

by Mary

Woo-hoo! Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth wins best documentary and Melissa Etheridge wins best song. Digby put up Melissa singing yesterday and C&L has put together a compilation of Al Gore at the Oscars and on stage with Davis Guggenheim accepting the award. As the Washington Post put it, Al Gore is a rock star. And it's not hard to understand why that is:

"Look, this guy was a visionary. He was right about everything, even the stuff he was ridiculed for," Bennett says. "He was right about the Internet, he was right about the first Gulf War, he was sure as hell right about the Iraq war. And he was right about global warming."

Congratulations, Al! And keep preaching on. Because we all need to wake up now.

This is an open thread.

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