Tuesday :: Feb 27, 2007

Open Thread

by Steve

“Should we be giving tax cuts to billionaires and millionaires or should we be giving health care to children? Should we make health care for children, at the very least, an entitlement?”
--Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell today

Democrats will have plenty of clubs against the Bush Administration this year aside from Iraq. One of them will be an item on the “100 Hours Agenda”, the expansion of the bipartisanly-popular state Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP which was started up under the Clinton Administration. Governors of both parties want the Bush Administration to make more federal funding available to cover more kids and eventually extend coverage to all children in America. In response, the Bush Administration wants to actually cut funding for the program as a deficit reduction measure, at a time when the same administration insists that the tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans be made permanent.

When the governors asked the administration today in person to expand rather than cut the program, the administration said the problem rested with inefficient management by the states, and that they should look elsewhere for money to expand the program. This from an administration that can’t manage Iraq war and reconstruction monies and allows such money to fall into the hands of Al Qaeda.

OK, it’s your turn.

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