Wednesday :: Feb 28, 2007

Clinton, Giuliani Seen As Most Likely To Get Nominations

by Steve

The Post runs a story this morning based on results from its most recent poll, telling us that Barack Obama has made significant gains amongst black voters in the last month or so. Now, any finding like this is worth discussion as to whether this is likely a permanent shift or a temporary one. I personally think that Obama has a good team around him, headed by the top-notch David Axelrod, a point noted by Newsweek's Richard Wolffe.

But the one thing that struck me in this poll wasn’t on the Democratic side, but rather how the GOP race has shifted this early. Note that Rudy Giuliani has extended his lead over McCain amongst Republicans to double digits, and both he and Hillary are seen by their own parties as being most likely to get the nomination.

So tell me, how inspired would you be at such a match-up?

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