Wednesday :: Feb 28, 2007

Bush/Cheney And Big Oil Win The Real War

by Steve

The Iraqi oil law is now done and awaiting approval by a Parliament that barely reports for work anymore out of fears for its own security. But once the law is approved, the Bush Administration and Big Oil will have won the real battle which was planned during the still-secret Cheney Energy Task Force meetings: how to get American access to Iraqi oil for the next 30 years.

It only took the destabilization of the Middle East to accomplish it, but that is of little concern to Big Oil, and the private security and military contractors that will benefit from this instability amidst newly-opened sources of crude.

This was the real war all along, and the battle has been won. The dead and maimed soldiers, a host country torn asunder, and a trillion dollars drained out of our treasury are considered to be only casualties of war by this White House and Big Oil. And reader Don Bacon tipped me to this glaring admission in the NYT's story today on the Administration finally agreeing to talk with Iran and Syria at a regional conference on Iraq: we leveraged the Iraqis to agree to our oil law before we would agree to their plea for these regional talks. We want their oil before we'll agree to do what should have been done three years ago.

And yet not one Democrat in Congress can find it in themselves to tell the public what this really was all about.

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