Thursday :: Mar 1, 2007

Open Thread - The Cheney Poison Continues

by Steve

Like icing on the cake of ineptitude, the Bush Administration is signaling that it may have been wrong now about its certainty that North Korea was developing uranium for weaponry. It’s doing this after David Albright at the Institute for Science and International Security outed the administration last week for bad intelligence once again. It appears the administration is letting the cat out of the bag now as a preemptive measure because inspectors are about to reenter North Korea as part of the agreement that could have been had years ago. The administration doesn’t want to get egg on its face again about inflated and flawed intelligence claims when we find out there is less of a uranium program than the Cheney cabal insisted there was.

Just like Iraq, where we have suffered thousands of deaths and maimings under the pretense of a nonexistent WMD program to grab their oil, Cheney's hardheadedness allowed North Korea to develop up to 12 plutonium weapons during a time when a cool-headed assessment of their actual capabilities would have led to talks much earlier that could have prevented the manufacture and sale of those weapons.

OK, it's your turn.

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