Friday :: Mar 2, 2007

Flip-Flopping Lieberman

by Steve

As late as last week, Joe Lieberman was threatening to leave the Democratic caucus over the issue of Iraq, giving aid and comfort to the GOP enemy who were claiming that the Democrats were abandoning the troops by even talking about Iraq.

This week, the Senate Democrats are allowing the same Joe Lieberman to give the Democratic response to the president's weekly radio message tomorrow, giving him a platform to prod Bush to follow through on making changes at Walter Reed. This follows a morning in-person roasting by Don Imus, who tagged Joe on-air for not doing enough in this area despite his membership on the relevant committees.

So if Joe is speaking as a Democrat (this week) as a true protector of the troops against an administration that doesn't give a damn about the troops, does than mean Joe knows it is utter bullshit to suggest that Democrats abandon the troops?

Or will Joe simply forget the CYA opportunity he was handed this week and go back to smearing his caucus next week?

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