Sunday :: Mar 4, 2007

Picked the Wrong Guy, Joe

by paradox

I’ve been amused over the years as national journalists sneered at blogs and bloggers while their numbers exploded and readers flocked to them, how journalists tried to ignore blogs as their power erupted into fundraising, how they whined as bloggers speared them unmercifully and finally, of course, corporate journalism finally gave in and created their own “blogs," even as their whiny journalists still insisted bloggers were angry fringe. All that whining and sneering, my my, sure didn’t do much good as your profession was rightly ripped to shreds and the format invaded your space, did it? Heh.

Latest corporate attempt at ersatz “blogging” is Time, Inc.’s Swampland, helmed by anal fetish Ana Marie and primary colors liar Joe Klein. I’ve never been to useless corporate trash url, but I have been interested to read Swampland, unlike like most wussy corporate “blogs,” actually has comments, and although Klein had blundered into them in newbie foolishness and made an ass of himself word in the screens was the fool deserved some respect, most journalists are far too fearful and incompetent to face reader intellect.

With classic professional arrogance Klein then really walked off the cliff, thinking his flabby corporate brain, suffused with cash and echoing laughable beltway conventional wisdom in a booming empty cranium, could actually cuff around one of the top five bloggers in the country, legendary Duncan Black at the helm of Eschaton.

Klein stupidly labeled Duncan an “extremist,” classic baseless DC sneering that of course Klein could not back up. Cornered, Klein disastrously then published his own twisted list of “extremist” tenets that somehow bloggers like Duncan adhere to, but never precisely tracing the ridiculous suppositions to anyone, just a hazy, flatulent blanket accusation that those on the left believe his delusional mutterings, somehow for some reason, deserving nothing more than paid professional contempt.

Klein is currently spread-eagled in the rushing wind, soon to splat in a puff of dust like Wiley Coyote, because he has no clue how the blogging world elevates the best of the best and not a whit of understanding of liberal blogging community norms.

Duncan Black is a real blogger, politics and media this time, but like all real bloggers fanatically committed to his subject area for the simple love it, an endeavor worth doing simply on the merits on the human ideas expressed in the blog. It isn’t done for money or ego or career, it’s done for love of this particular condition and goals to improve it.

Since 2002 Duncan’s brain has been plugged into American politics and media through the screens, 365 days a year, writing and publishing all day, every day, soaked into every possible topic, fact, and rumor in an environment that doesn’t tolerate lying, obfuscation, or evasion. Every possible media linked through the new one, too: radio, video, music, print. On pure publishing merits Duncan has emerged as one of the best at his craft.

Klein writes twice a week in his pathetic DC environment with a tenth of professional commitment compared to Duncan, his prose absurdly cramped by corporate conventions and ridiculous conventional wisdom. He’s intellectually lazy anyway, but compared to Duncan’s blogger work ethic one wonders how he earns a penny, he works so little. Klein has not and cannot put in the amazing regimen Duncan has dedicated himself to and his brain simply isn’t up to the task of sparring with him, not even remotely close, it never will be, only real blogging for five years could give it to him. He’s wandering around like a high school sophomore suddenly expected to perform at Harvard, he’s so far out his league.

Klein is pathetically unaware how he’s invited the liberal blogging community into is stupid face-off with Duncan. In liar Joe’s world his work is a static column and the audience is a mute element is his mano-a-mano one-on-one, a singular sheet waiting for the jab of response 48 or 72 hours later on some other sheet of dead trees.

But in the ether all can see, all can link, all can comment and instantly write, and the absurd generalities against one of their own triggered an immediate massive response in the liberal blogging community, of course, and this very second a very, very powerful collective organic human force is feasting on Klein’s stupidity, publishing every possible facet in the blogs. Soon the most pertinent and witty elements will emerge to counter Klein, some with their own champions, some gleefully used by Duncan himself. Klein has no chance to survive in this environment, it’s painfully sad.

This is going to end very badly for corporate Klein, and he’s already severely battered by cliff bumps on the scream downward. Like all DC fools he thinks admitting mistakes and sloppy thinking will be a disaster for him professionally, so he blunders on in ever-desperate grasps to keep a credibility he doesn’t know is already in tatters just by being corporate and publishing alongside anal fetish Ana Marie.

Real bloggers admit their mistakes, are gracious in publishing their corrections, and only survive to become the best because they revere the truth as much as their readers do. They naturally get better, develop correct humility, then get better some more. After Joe somehow puts himself together after the splat perhaps he’ll own up to his foolishness, or he can blather along in ever-faint corporate uselessness, fun to bat around as an obnoxious distraction in an off-election year, but ultimately worth nothing more than ignoring.

It’s up to you, Joe, get much better or get quickly left behind.

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