Monday :: Mar 5, 2007

Republicans Just Don't Care

by Steve

A summary of the recent GOP outrages for your review:

Newt Gingrich blames the residents of the Ninth Ward for their fate from Katrina, for being too uneducated to get out of town. That should win Newt and the GOP the African American vote in 2008.

Trent Lott explains away the Walter Reed horror by saying the facility was on the base-closing list. Until then, using Lott’s logic, the GOP had no problem consigning our vets to hell. But the GOP did manage to find a way for a campaign contributor and ex-Halliburton Friend-Of-Dick to make real cash at the taxpayers’ expense by privatizing services at Walter Reed, so while the GOP made sure our soldiers got screwed, they also made sure GOP check writers profited from it. This explains why former RNC chair Jim Nicholson, now head of the VA, is this year’s Michael Brown.

Oh, and the Lt. General temporarily appointed to oversee the mess has already been nailed for whitewashing Guantanamo and blaming the press for even reporting on Walter Reed. This explains why Joe Lieberman likes the guy. It doesn’t matter because this story has the potential to forever undercut veterans' support for the GOP. Come to think of it, why would the VFW and American Legion still support the GOP after this?

Fox has devoted 12 times more coverage to Anna Nicole Smith than they have to the story about pathetic care at Walter Reed, but of course it is the Democrats who don’t care about the troops.

Pete Domenici now admits he did call the U. S. Attorney in Albuquerque to extract whatever dirt he could from him to use against Democrats, but he denies that a call from the senior senator from the party in power was an attempt to threaten or pressure the attorney. For his abuse of power, Domenici has now earned an ethics complaint from CREW, which will be investigated by a Democratic-led committee.

Osama has now been running free 2,001 days. Does Bush care?

Not content to stop the damage from self-inflicted wounds, Coulter says today that Edwards campaign manager and former representative David Bonior is a front man for Arab terrorists.

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