Tuesday :: Mar 6, 2007

Jury Thought It Went Higher

by Steve

The jury wanted to know “Where’s Rove? Where are these other guys?” They trusted Fitzgerald, and listened closely to the case he presented. In other words, they stayed on the task at hand from the indictments and listened to the evidence. But they did think that Libby, although guilty, was the fall guy for others up the chain.

Good luck on appeal Ted Wells. As for the Democrats, from now on you should insist that every Bush official who testifies is sworn in, and every time Abu Gonzales or others blow off your requests for information, they should be hit with a blizzard of subpoenas. It needs to be drilled in the public's head that this crew lies all the time and cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything, as evidenced by the verdict of a jury of their peers.

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