Wednesday :: Mar 7, 2007

On Providing Opportunities for Future Appointments

by Mary

The House and Senate Committee public investigations on the firing of the US Attorneys by the Justice Department at the end of 2006 have been quite eye-opening. The House session allowed the Justice Department to lay out the reasons that these particular attorneys were chosen to be fired.

Some attorneys were assured that they were not fired for poor performance. They were just asked to leave because the President needed to provide opportunities for other (more) worthy Republicans to make their mark for future positions of power.

Mercer told Charlton that "this was being done so that other individuals could 'touch base' as a United States attorney before the end of the president's term."

He was more explicit in his conversation with Bogden. Bogden testified that Mercer told him "the administration has a very short, two year window of opportunity concerning United States Attorney positions" and that "this would be an opportunity to put others in those positions so they could build their resumes, get experience as a United States Attorney, so that for future opportunities, being a federal judge or another political type position, they would be better enhanced to do so."

So just who should we consider as being out of the running for future consideration for advancement?

David IglesiasDidn't prosecute Democrats fast enough
John McKayDidn't prosecute electoral fraud in 2004 election
Carol LamProsecuted the wrong people
Bud CumminsBlabbed to the wrong people
Patrick FitzgeraldSuccessfully prosecuted Cheney aide (Fitz! Fitz!)

This is a White House that believes in humiliating their enemies and their enemies include anyone who won't march to their tune. One wonders how long it will take until the mainstream media figures this out.

One fallout from this affair should be that anyone nominated by Bush for a position as US Attorney while the so-called Patriot Act exemption is in place should be informed explicitly that they will have no future in our democracy because their appointment has been tarred by the anti-democratic and corrupt actions that led to their appointment. If they were truly candidates for future advancement, then their names should be sent before the Senate for a full confirmation hearing.

Meanwhile, we can celebrate those Republicans who served or still serve as US Attorneys and found their loyalty to the law and the Constitution stronger than their allegiance to the Bush administration or their desire for corrupting power and personal enrichment.

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